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Anti-Bacterial Fabric

Anti-Bacterial Fabric Protection Helps To Prevent Odors And Fungal Buildup In Textile Products.

Anti-bacterial protection helps to prevent odors and fungal buildup in textile products also to reduces the growth of bacteria causing unwelcome body odors.

✓ Anti-bacterial Fiber:
Antimicrobial additives could be melt blended into the polymer during processing and provide a restrain treatment to control germs or fungus.

✓ Antimicrobial Additives:
Antimicrobial fabrics and textiles are fiber-based substrates to which antimicrobial agents have been applied at the surface, or incorporated into the fibers, rendering a product that inhibits the growth of microorganisms.

✓ Anti-bacterial Coatings:
Our anti-bacterial coating prevents bacteria grow by destroying its cell wall. It's a long-term germ terminator that safely restores over 90% of bacteria.

The functions of anti-bacterial fabric come from finishes or yarn, which keep the fabric from bacterial and fresh from odor is mostly for sportswear fabric, baby textiles.

Antimicrobial Activity Test

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Feature Of Anti-Bacterial Fabric

  • Anti-bacterial

  • Anti-odor

  • Washable

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