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Anti-Abrasion Fabric
 Providing Excellent Abrasion Resistance, Water Repellency And Additional Tear Resistant Properties.

Abrasion-resistant fabric withstands surface friction to protect the person who works in easy to get a hurt working environment, also extending the life of a product. We create performance tech textile that has high-strength, high tensile, durable, tear resistance, depending on the application, abrasion-resistant textiles can be made with varying compositions, patterns, and finishes.

Anti-Abrasion Fabric Specific Features

  • Lightweight.

  • Resistant to wears and tears.

  • Tear resistance.

  • High tenacity.

  • Durable.

Anti-Abrasion Fabric For Applications

  • Motorcycle Jacket.

  • Workwear.

  • Safety and Protective Gear.

  • Backpacks.

  • Hospital and Medical Equipment.

  • Tent.

Abrasion Resistance Test Report

  • (ISO 12947-2: 1998, Martindale Abrasion And Pilling Tester, 9 kPa Total Weight): Over 400000 rubs

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